Meet the SSCW committee of 2019!


The Social Sciences Career Week committee consists of seven students. Although their study backgrounds may vary, they all share the common goal of organising a successful career week. During the Social Sciences Career Week of 2019, the central theme will be “Find Your Challenge”. Together, the committee is working towards creating an inspiring and motivational week for all students from the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. All committee members and their assigned positions can be found below.


The Chairman - cameron wylie

My name is Cameron Wylie, the chairman of the Social Sciences Career Week 2019. This means I am responsible for leading the team and making sure everything runs smoothly. Alongside that, I will be contacting companies and organisations for the upcoming career week. Up until November, we will be working hard on making sure the career week will be an inspiring event for all students.



PHONE: +31 6 83 36 60 19



the secretary - chrisje van mol

My name is Chrisje van Mol, a bachelor graduate of Management of International Social Challenges, and I am the secretary of the SSCW of 2019. As the secretary of the SSCW, I need to make sure that the administration of the registrations will run smoothly and I will be making the schedules for the attendees of the week. In addition, I will be in contact with several companies to invite them for our week. 

As the world and job market are currently changing a lot, the future may sound scary for you. Luckily, we are here to take your worries away and we will make sure that after our events you will be well-prepared to tackle the future on your own!





the treasurer - BOB DEN OUDEN

My name is Bob den Ouden, I am 23 years old and a bachelor graduate of Sociology. This year I will be the treasurer for the SSCW. As treasurer, I will occupy myself with keeping everything within budget and making sure everything is well-spent. 

Social awareness is very important to me. With the SSCW I hope therefore to show students the possibilities society has to offer when they finish their education.





the Commissioner of marketing - DAANTJE VAN DER POEL

My name is Daantje van der Poel, and I am this year’s Commissioner of Marketing of the SSCW. This implies that I will make sure that all of you know about the existence of the SSCW, and that you guys will be enthusiastic enough to sign up for our (fun and definitely interesting) programme! 

I am studying Psychology, and at the moment I am in my third year of my bachelor. But, next to all the studying, I am trying my hardest to give you guys the best career week possible – together with the rest of my committee of course!



PHONE: +31 6 46 05 67 36



the commissioner commercial relations - TAHA BOUJNANE

My name is Taha Boujnane and this year I will be the Commissioner of Commercial Relations of the SSCW. Together with Jelle, I will be responsible for the companies and organisations that will be giving workshops during the week. I am looking forward to a week filled with fun lectures, trainings and workshops and hope to see you all there. We are working hard to make the week enjoyable for all of you.



PHONE: +31 6 43 15 62 54



the commissioner commercial relations - JELLE IJZENBRANDT

I’m Jelle IJzenbrandt, a master Sociology student and this year’s Commercial Relations Officer alongside Taha. Together with my amazing team, I will be taking care of the many companies that will be visiting us at our week. Right now we are making sure that we find the best companies to inspire our fellow students. One of the key objectives we want to accomplish in this year’s career week is to give you all the opportunities to spark your ambitions. Join us at our event and find your very own challenge!



PHONE: +31 6 15 60 33 86




the commissioner non-commercial relations - SANNE VRAUWDEUNT.

My name is Sanne Vrauwdeunt, I am 20 years old and at the moment I am studying Psychology (Bachelor 3). This year I am the Commissioner of Non-Commercial Relations of the SSCW-committee. My function basically means that I am the person responsible for the lecturers and trainers who are being invited to the Social Sciences Career Week. We are very excited and motivated to make this week both useful for your future, as well as fun and interesting for the time being.



PHONE: +31 6 82 45 39 69