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During the Social Sciences Career Week, Unilever will provide a workshop on an issue that it currently faces. An interactive sustainability case will be discussed and the insights might actually be used by Unilever. Do you want to work towards a sustainable future? Join the workshop.

*This event is in English





How do you really connect with children? How do you make children think? Are you an unjudgmental listener while being able to stay in control during the conversation? ‘De Kindertelefoon’ will challenge you with these aspects in this workshop! Experience what it’s like to work at De Kindertelefoon and learn about the principles of their 5-step conversation model.

*This event is in Dutch



In this workshop, Stichting 113 will talk about the importance of making contact and listening to people who might be suicidal. They will explain the drives that people who might commit suicide can have. Furthermore, they will describe how talking about this topic can prevent suicide and how it can stimulate people to regain hope in life

*This event is in Dutch

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political speaker


Jan Peter Balkenende

With years of experience as party leader and prime minister of The Netherlands, Mr. Balkenende has acquired plenty of thought-provoking stories about his career. His interesting course of life started with a University Degree in Law and History. Considering his study and work-related background, his stories will not only be inspiring to Social Sciences students, but also to students with other study backgrounds!

*This event is in Dutch



Silver Psychologie

Silver Psychologie’s workshop explains the psychological treatment methods they utilise: “within our treatments we often make use of cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR treatment, as well as other treatment methods, such as schema therapy.”

*This event is in Dutch


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Connection drink


Silver Psychologie, Michael Page, Coca-Cola, Qompas, APPM and BMC.

Get to know the companies listed above in an informal manner. Grab a drink and discuss career possibilities! In addition to this, a photographer will be present to take representative photos for your LinkedIn page.

*This event is in English and Dutch