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Since 2004, Calco is one of the biggest organizations that coaches IT-talent. They believe that you do not need any study to be successful within the wonderful world of IT. This belief creates a whole new world. At the moment you visit Calco you will be challenged to learn new things, to keep developing yourself and to be open minded to all of the opportunities that Calco and the world of IT gives you. When you are working at Calco it means that there are absolutely no two days that you are doing the same, because opportunities are everywhere! Do you have a good idea? Great, go and do it! Do you want to learn more? Of course you can! Calco will help you. Calco has an incredible dynamic environment which asks for a lot of flexibility. However, this will give you a lot (!) of chances.

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IT boring? No way! In this case of Calco, you will experience what it is like to be working in the IT, without having to program. Some may ask themselves: is that even possible? Yes it is! During this workshop you will be working in teams on a very surprising and challenging issue. Because of this, you will experience what it takes to be an amazing Business- or Information Analyst. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are guaranteed.